PINTS finds reoccuring three-dimensional patterns of amino acids. These amino-acids are close in space but not necessarily close or co-linear in sequence, for example the serine-protease catalytic triad. Unlike other tools, PINTS does not aim to find proteins adopting a similar fold.

This server allows you to compare a protein structure against a database of patterns, or a structural pattern (up to 100 amino acids) against a database of protein structures. In addition, you can compare two proteins to one another. Input format is the normal PDB text format; you can directly upload your structure or, for publically available structures, - you can specify the PDB identifier and the chain. Matches are evaluated by RMSD (root-mean-square deviation) and an E-value.

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Please cite: A. Stark, S. Sunyaev, R.B. Russell, 'A model for statistical significance of local similarities in structure', J. Mol. Biol, 326, 1307-1316, 2003.

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