3-4 open positions for Post-docs/PhD students (Rob Russell, Heidelberg University)

As part of three grants, I have 3-4 open positions for Post-docs or PhD students

The unifying theme of all of these projects is to develop and apply software and tools to interrogate genetic variants, mutations or post-translational modifications in the context of protein structures, interactions, pathways and general biological mechanism. Successful applicants will be interested in, or have experience in computational aspects of one or more of: proteins (particularly structures), proteomics, molecular genetics, genomics or related fields. The applicant is expected to develop and apply linux-based and web-applications, so interst or experience in coding is a must (e.g. Python, Javascript, C/C++, Java, MySQL, R etc.).

If you are a prospective PhD student or Post-doc and this sounds interesting to you in the context of what our group does, then contact us.